Anonymous asked:

Hi, my brother and I are both white-passing latinxs and when we try to explain to our friends that we're not white, they give us flak. Our mother is white nonlatinx but our father is very mixed. He's clearly a poc. The census considers us as white bc we're not black/Asian/other and that's usually what I get from people when I say i'm not white. My brother and I don't identify w/ "white" bc why would we yknow? Are we erasing other poc latinxs identities and just being whiney white latinxs? CONT

thisisnotlatino answered:

or is what we feel valid/do we have a right to say no, we don’t like being labelled as white, we are white passing latinxs?

No you are not. Your feelings are valid and no one has the right to police your idenities. -e